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Fujitsu is certified with the Business Working Responsibly Mark 


Fujitsu in Ireland is part of the global Fujitsu Group, delivering IT-based business solutions to customers in more than 100 countries through a workforce of 156,000 employees.

Fujitsu is an ICT company offering a rich product and services portfolio with all that is needed to help organisations thrive in a changing world. From delivering consulting, looking after applications, innovating in technology products, through to offering managed services and cloud-based solutions, we’re helping businesses everywhere to thrive in a hyperconnected world.

At Fujitsu we pride ourselves on being a forward-looking company that seeks not only to predict the future but also to form it. We do this through investing in Research & Development throughout the globe in a multitude of fields including next-generation solutions and systems, networks, devices, and materials. We have a substantial R&D programme in Ireland focusing on the two main areas of Big Data and Sensor Technology in Healthcare.

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