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Britvic Ireland is one of the leading soft drinks companies in Ireland.  We have a proud brand history that spans over 240 years! Our powerful portfolio includes iconic Irish brands such as Ballygowan, MiWadi, Club and TK which have been trusted and enjoyed by Irish people for many years. We also have exclusive agreements to make and distribute global brands such as Pepsi, 7UP and Mountain Dew Energy on behalf of PepsiCo.

Healthier People, Healthier Planet: Britvic’s sustainable business programme.

A key part of our Britvic vision is to ‘create a better tomorrow’ for all our stakeholders. This means being a truly sustainable business, and ensuring sustainable practices are embedded in every element of our business strategy. Sustainability has long been the beating heart of Britvic. Over the years, we’ve evolved and changed and adapted to meet the changing needs of our stakeholders, delivering the value they deserve and building a company that we can all be proud of.

Today, we believe the most pressing challenges facing and shaping society globally are centred around our health and our planet. As a sustainable business, we believe we can make a difference in both spheres, which are of course entwined, and we have curated our ‘Healthier Planet, Healthier People’ strategy accordingly. This strategy runs through the veins of our commercial strategy, ensuring every initiative – from manufacturing to marketing – is built on a sustainable foundation.

Our Healthier People philosophy ensures we provide consumers with a choice of great tasting drinks that are better for them and that we create a working environment for our people where work is fun, purposeful, inclusive and rewarding. Healthier Planet is about protecting our planet through the thoughtful use of resources today, to create a better tomorrow for future generations.

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