An Post

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An Post is a major commercial organisation providing a wide range of services which encompass postal, communication, retail and financial services. It is one of Ireland’s largest companies directly employing over 10,000 people through its national network of retail, processing and delivery points. An Post fulfils the Universal Service Obligation (USO), delivering mail to every home and business address in Ireland.

 The traditional mail business remains the largest revenue segment for An Post, representing about two-thirds of the business. An Post also has strengths in other businesses and continues to develop opportunities presented by emerging trends in e‑Commerce.

The Company is a significant player in financial services, gift cards, subscription management and fulfillment and insurance broking.

The Post Office Retail Network has a unique reach within our diffuse population. Maintaining a viable network to deliver everyday services to customers is core to the business, given the Company’s historical, community and social value.

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