Upcoming Event- October 18th: Making Sustainable Procurement a Reality Workshop

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Oct 18, 2012

The third 2012 BITCI Workshop in the series Making Sustainable Procurement a Reality will take place on Thursday, October 18th at 1.30-4.30pm as part of Responsible Business Week.

Open to the procurement, environment, finance and corporate citizenship teams of our member companies, this exciting Workshop will bring to life the business case and practical examples of how integrating sustainable procurement can achieve significant cost savings and impact on the culture of the organisation so that it becomes truly sustainable.

Attend on October 18th to hear the experience of:

  • Colin Fennelly, Purchasing Co-ordinator (Benelux) & Category Manager (Transport), CRH
  • Matthew Chalkley, Program Manager, Integrated Supply Chain, IBM
  • Carmel McQuaid, Climate Change Manager, Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Launched in 2007, Plan A is widely acknowledged as the most ambitious public sustainability declaration to come from a supermarket retailer. Climate Change Manager, Carmel McQuaid is discussing how M&S’ supplier engagement approach has driven resource efficiency, product innovation & commercial benefit and is outlining how M&S has been able to build capacity in suppliers to want to make environmental improvements themselves.  Carmel is giving specific examples of how to achieve cost savings in regular procurement items, build capacity in suppliers to achieve environmental improvements in food production and how M&S has been able to foster sustainable innovation in fashion.Thus far, Plan A has achieved the following – energy efficiency savings: £22m per year; zero waste to landfill: £6.3m in 2011/2012; packaging reductions: £16.3m in 2011/2012; transport fuel efficiency: £2.1m in 2011/12; printing cost reductions: £550,000 in 2011/12.


IBM seeks to build capability and understanding in its 28,000 suppliers, conveying the message that IBM is more likely to buy from companies that minimise water use and have systems in place for product end of life waste management.  Matthew Chalkley, Global Program Manager of IBM’s Integrated Supply Chain, is sharing how sustainability has become a business imperative for IBM with the introduction of a supply chain social & environmental management system – with which all suppliers and contractors must comply within a 12 month period.  IBM has also invested significantly in training and educating staff on how to engage suppliers on the sustainability agenda.


Colin Fennelly, CRH Purchasing Co-ordinator (Benelux) & Category Manager (Transport), is sharing the context of how committing to a sustainable procurement policy came about for CRH Group (itself a leading, responsible and international supplier).  He is discussing what changes had to be made, how and the challenges and successes involved e.g. for the group to centralise its supplier agreements at national, regional and product group levels, the development of tender specifications and the process by which the supply chains of individual, operating companies are engaged, educated and influenced to continually progress forwards on the sustainability agenda.

To register your interest in attending this workshop, contact Shane Mulchrone, Corporate Responsibility Assistant at smulchrone@bitc.ie by the Thursday, 11th October.

Location: Dublin location, TBC
Date:18th October 2012
Start Time: 13:30
End Time: 16:30