National Network Meeting. Theme: Communicating Sustainability for Business Success

May 31, 2017


TIME: 10.30-12.30

To fully reap the benefits of being a responsible business you must effectively communicate your responsible business / CSR initiatives.

Last year our Q2 Network Meeting explored CSR communications through storytelling and making your message matter – essentially what message to communicate.
But having a great story to tell is of no use unless you’re reaching your audience. Hence our upcoming network meeting is focused on how to communicate your message and poses the question of whether your organisation is leveraging all the communication channels at your disposal to reach your audience.

If you care about your audiences, you use a medium and an approach that they will relate to as your starting point.” These are the words of Mallen Baker – a writer, speaker and strategic advisor on corporate social responsibility for over twenty years and writer of the CSR-related blog The Respectful Business Blog.

Hear more words of wisdom from Mallen at our Network Meeting as he provides insights into how leading companies are ensuring their CSR messages are reaching the right audiences.