Introducing the BITCI Webinar Series – An address from Tomás Sercovich

Apr 15, 2020

VENUE: Webinar

TIME: 2:00pm - 2:30pm

During this webinar our CEO, Tomás Sercovich, will outline the global business response to the COVID-19 crisis, and share his perspectives on what this means for business now and into the future.

“The COVID-19 crisis has brought immediate attention to the way in which businesses approach their responsibilities to their most critical stakeholders: employees, communities, customers and civil society. We are witnessing an extraordinary wave of social solidarity and it is heartening to see business supporting the urgent needs of this crisis.

As we all anxiously wait for the first phase of the pandemic to subside, we can already sense significant changes taking shape that will define a responsible and sustainable business. COVID-19 has accelerated the focus on a type of business behaviour that is not fit for purpose. This session aims to set the scene on how in the short as well as in the medium to long term CSR and sustainability will  evolve, how expectations will shift towards businesses and how to sustain beyond COVID-19 a vision of a successful business that can respond to societal, environmental and integrity challenges. The session will also launch a series of meaningful conversations amongst Business in the Community Ireland member companies about practical and collaborative approaches to the big challenges ahead.

I look forward to discussing this and more at our session.”    

Tomas Sercovich, CEO