Future Trends in Sustainability -The Transformational Capability of Sustainable Procurement

Jul 30, 2020

VENUE: Webinar

TIME: 11.00am - 12 noon

This webinar is focusing on the benefits of appraising everything purchased by the business from a human rights, green procurement and circularity point of view.

Led by Darina Eades, Senior Adviser on Corporate Sustainability with BITCI, this event will feature a guest presentation by Latifa Kapadia, Head of Social & Supply Chain Sustainability Programmes, PWC UK.

The target audience for this Webinar are those involved in Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Procurement & Supply Chain, Environment, Facilities, HR, Finance and Risk.

On the Webinar, you will have a chance to hear practical examples of how a focus on human rights, green procurement and circular economy has been integrated into the business strategy of a leading company in the professional services sector; you will hear about some of the challenges encountered and how these were circumvented; you will hear what has been learned along the way and gain some key tips for taking action!