June 9th 2016 Biodiversity Workshop

Jun 09, 2016


We are holding a biodiversity workshop on Thursday 9th June for our member companies to explore in depth the variety of ways that businesses can engage with nature through their CSR programmes.

Here are five things any company can do for biodiversity.


  1. Join us for a Biodiversity Workshop on June 9th

On June 9th, we’re running a workshop to launch our Biodiversity Framework – a detailed document that gives concrete examples of actions any company can take to support biodiversity in ways that enhance your CSR objectives around community, workplace, marketplace, governance, as well as environment. What’s more, it all ties in with ISO 14001. An invitation will be sent out in the coming weeks – keep an eye out for it.

2. Raise awareness of biodiversity among your colleagues with our infographic

Last month, we launched an infographic to call on businesses to stand up for biodiversity and take action to promote, protect and enhance it. Share this infographic with your colleagues and ask them for ideas on what your organisation can do to support nature.

3. Encourage employees, clients and suppliers to get involved in local biodiversity events and citizen science workshops

Promote the health and wellbeing benefits of being in nature and support environmental NGOs at the same time by sharing the details of biodiversity events with your colleagues and networks. Here are some handy resources for walks, talks, days out and citizen science workshops:

  • National Biodiversity Data Centre Events: http://www.biodiversityireland.ie/events/
  • Environmental NGO Events: http://greennews.ie/events/

4. Plant wildflowers for bees

Whether it’s a window box, a strip of land along the side of the car park, or an entire field, any company can support Ireland’s pollinators by planting some native wildflowers. Not only do wildflowers look beautiful, they provide an important source of forage for bees, one third of which are threatened in Ireland. For more information on pollinators and how to support them, check out the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, which was launched in 2015. One of its targets is to work with businesses, so your organisation could consider supporting this important initiative in a more formal capacity as well.

5. Ask us to deliver a biodiversity talk

Biodiversity is a strategic theme for Business in the Community Ireland in 2016. We’d be delighted to deliver a talk to your colleagues about the benefits of biodiversity, such as health, wellbeing and stress reduction, and offer you some bespoke ecological advice to help you take action to enhance the wildlife on your site or at your offices.

Contact Hannah Hamilton for more information – hhamilton@bitc.ie.



Picture above: Credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/how-to-grow/how-to-attract-bees-to-your-garden/