B2B Platform Learning Network #1

Apr 16, 2018

VENUE: Gas Networks Ireland, Networks Service Centre, St Margaret's Rd, Finglas, Dublin 11

TIME: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

This event is only for the Leader Companies involved or interested in the Low Carbon Pledge. Now that the Pledge has been sent to all companies that have achieved the Business Working Responsibly mark, actions to start being more energy efficient within our operations can begin. A number of organisations have already signed-up to the Pledge and many more are still in the process of performing further investigations into their past and current carbon footprint. All of this is aimed at tackling one of the most pressing global issues, climate change. If we are going to reach the global carbon reduction targets set in the Paris Agreement and maintain global temperatures at less than 2C below pre-industrial levels, business must play a major role.

The first of a series of network events will be hosted by Gas Networks Ireland. This network event will include:

  • an introduction to the Pledge
  • the aim of these network events going forward
  • a discussion by SEAI regarding carbon management tools and resources
  • an introduction to the SEAI community engagement schemes – Sustainable Energy Communities ‘SEC’ and Better Energy Finance ‘BEF’
  • a Gas Networks Ireland Carbon Management Case Study.

Please RSVP immediately by emailing events@bitc.ie. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Nick Reynolds nreynolds@bitc.ie.