Our New Biodiversity Framework for Business

BITCI News -

Jun 09, 2016

On June 9th, we launched our new Biodiversity Framework at a workshop for our members. Biodiversity has been a strategic focus for Business in the Community Ireland since 2014, when an Environment Review revealed it as the area companies did least on.

We’re determined to bring biodiversity up from the bottom of the pack, which is why we’ve been working hard to develop resources that will help all our members to take action, whether they are a services company in rented city centre premises or a primary industry company with large landholdings.

The Biodiversity Framework is the capstone of our project. It is a tool that shows how biodiversity initiatives can support your work across the other CSR pillars, providing you with inspiration, guidance, practical advice and support. The ‘Wheel’ graphic, below, illustrates the broad range of biodiversity-related activities that you can undertake through the Biodiversity Framework. The matrix that underlies it provides the detail, including how to integrate each item into ISO 14001.

Biodiversity 'Wheel' Framework - with branding


The Framework is available in the Members Area of our website. For more information contact Hannah Hamilton: hhamilton@bitc.ie