Veolia gives a home to a family of endangered barn owls


Veolia is Ireland’s leading environmental services company. It provides a comprehensive range of energy, waste and water solutions and is dedicated to carbon reduction, protecting the environment and building the circular economy.

What was the Opportunity

Veolia was approached by an employee with a proposal to support a local conservation project in the employee’s local community. The project aimed to provide a home for barn owls, which are on the Red List in Ireland and are critically endangered. There are thought to be fewer than 300 breeding pairs in the whole country and homelessness is a major contributor to population decline.


What was Achieved

Veolia made a donation through its Community Fund to pay for the construction of a nest box. While experts advised that it could take over a decade for barn owls to take up residence, a nesting pair moved in just three years later and three healthy baby barn owlets fledged in the first nesting season. Veolia also funded the construction of a bird hide, in which local families – including the employee’s family – received training and information on biodiversity conservation.

Top Tip

Veolia protected an endangered species and engaged employees by supporting barn owl conservation.