Tesco Ireland: Generating local community employment

Company Description:
Tesco is Ireland’s leading food retailer serving over 1 million customers weekly from 107 stores throughout Ireland and employing over 13,000 people. We are committed to delivering low prices, value, choice, range and service. In addition, we are also proud supporters of the Irish food industry.

Business Issue:
Gaining access to a skilled workforce in an area of North Dublin in need of a better retail infrastructure but suffering from economic disadvantage.

Solution Applied:

  • Tesco engaged with local community groups, residents, the National Training Body, government and unions to create employment and training opportunities.
  • Provided tailored pre-employment training for long-term unemployed people living in new store’s vicinity. In this case, a six week course was provided with modules on Motivation, Self-Development, CV Preparation, Interview Techniques and Customer Care followed by 10 weeks work experience in a Tesco store.

Company Benefits:

  • By working in local partnership, Tesco is able to tap into a ready pool of available talent to staff their store.
  • According to Dermot Breen, Director of Corporate Affairs with Tesco, “It clearly makes sound business sense for us to create value for local communities by helping to regenerate the areas in which they live. Providing employment for local people will always be a priority. It is what customers want, it is good for the local economy as it attracts further investment, new services and ultimately more customers in the area ”.
  • Tesco Clare Hall Store Manager, Brian Farrell says “The people who went through the programme are now an integral part of the store team. They are dedicated and committed because they had an opportunity to train, gain experience and now are sure retail is the job for them. In July 2004 the store opening was seamless. I’m sure this was due in part, to the success of the programme”.

Stakeholder Benefits:

  • 58 people successfully completed the training and received accreditation in the form of a Retail Sector National Skills Certificate, a nationally recognised qualification. They are now in permanent part-time positions with career development potential in Tesco, Clare Hall. 20 further jobs were made available to unemployed people, identified as ‘job ready’.
  • According to Fiona Nolan, Employment Programme & Enterprise Manager, Northside Partnership “In an area of Dublin where a level of 16% unemployment currently prevails, compared to the national average of 4.4%, this is a very important development. It’s great to see that a large employer such as Tesco is taking positive steps to engage with and provide career prospects for some of our long term unemployed”.

Departments Involved:
Corporate Affairs.

Solution Champion:
Dermot Breen, Director of Corporate Affairs, dermot.breen@tesco.ie