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We have been collating examples of CSR best practice for over a decade. This is Ireland’s only database of best practice case studies in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our member case studies shine a light on sustainability and CSR in action in Ireland to encourage businesses of all sizes to promote and communicate their responsible business practices. This database is a testament to our members that have committed to continuously improving their social and environmental impact and embed sustainable business practices into the fabric of their operations.


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Johnson & Johnson: Attracting key talent

Feb 18, 2012

Over the coming years, Johnson & Johnson will require in excess of 2,000 skilled employees in the Cork area. However, the numbers taking science subjects at Leaving Certificate level have been declining significantly over the last decade. There is a particular imbalance in the numbers of students from some areas of Cork city progressing to third level compared to others. We would like to encourage all students to consider careers in science, technology and the healthcare industry.

Accenture: Aligning community investment activities with business goals

Feb 17, 2012

2013 – The future health of our business is linked to the future prosperity of the communities in which we operate. Failure to address issues of (un)employment or make links with local education and employment-focused organisations would limit our future access to local talent pools. Given the positioning of Ireland as a knowledge-based, smart, high skills economy and an innovation hub, it is more important than ever for education and training to help achieve that goal through the adaptation of skills and knowledge. Higher skill levels boost labour participation rates, productivity and economic growth.

Eir: 21 years of Special Olympics

Feb 17, 2012

Following 20 years of involvement with Special Olympics Ireland, to create an innovative sponsorship campaign and build brand loyalty by demonstrating that Eircom is a company that gives back to the communities in which it is based.

Diageo: “Don’t See a Great Night Wasted” campaign

Feb 17, 2012

Alcohol is a product that is positive for society when consumed in moderation and it is enjoyed responsibly by the vast majority of people who choose to drink. As Ireland’s leading drinks company Diageo is determined to play a role in promoting sensible drinking and providing consumers with the information and awareness they need to make responsible choices about their alcohol consumption.

ESB: Sustainability Awards Scheme

Feb 17, 2012

ESB’s Strategic Framework sets out a clear sustainable vision for the company – a 30% reduction in carbon from our generation and networks assets by 2012 and a 50% reduction by 2020 on our way to becoming net-carbon neutral by 2035. It also commits ESB to becoming the leading company in Ireland in sustainability.

The delivery of these targets involves the commitment and contribution of all staff. The Framework is about achieving real culture change as well as technical solutions. The Programme is focused on maximising staff engagement and ensuring the principles of sustainability are deeply embedded.