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We have been collating examples of CSR best practice for over a decade. This is Ireland’s only database of best practice case studies in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our member case studies shine a light on sustainability and CSR in action in Ireland to encourage businesses of all sizes to promote and communicate their responsible business practices. This database is a testament to our members that have committed to continuously improving their social and environmental impact and embed sustainable business practices into the fabric of their operations.


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Tesco Ireland: Building leadership capability

Feb 18, 2012

The ability to attract and retain great staff is the biggest challenge for any business. It is essential that people feel they have an opportunity to develop and move on within a business. We felt the need to implement a development programme to retain and grow talent within the organisation in response to a rapidly growing business.

Microsoft: Bringing the benefits of technology to every charity in Ireland

Feb 18, 2012

Charitable and non-profit organisations in Ireland, with a few notable exceptions, struggle to take advantage of the benefits of Information Technology. There are three issues: access to software, access to computer hardware and access to skills. Solving these issues will help NGOs to increase the breadth of services and support available to the most vulnerable in our society.

Diageo: Bridging the Digital Divide

Feb 18, 2012

Diageo Ireland, parent company of Guinness, has a long association with the Liberties area of Dublin. The company’s citizenship programme aims to ensure an ongoing partnership and collaboration with the local community in the Liberties, focusing on support for building a knowledge-based society and addressing the ‘digital divide’.

Intel Ireland: Biodiversity in the Rye River

Feb 18, 2012

The Rye river runs at the back of the Intel campus. It is an important tributary of the river Liffey and is approximately 26 km in length. The Rye water is considered one of the most important salmon spawning grounds in the Liffey catchment. When Intel first located on the site, the river was at risk due to large over-growth. Intel set the objective of improving the condition of the Rye as a community amenity and the quality of the river as a salmon and trout fishery.

ESB: Becoming a carbon neutral generator by 2035

Feb 18, 2012

Today, energy and the environment are at the heart of public debate. Reducing our carbon footprint, whilst maintaining affordable and secure forms of energy, represents the biggest challenge our industry has faced. As Ireland’s leading energy provider, ESB wants to promote a clean and sustainable environment and help our country meet its climate change targets.