Intel – Providing health & wellness programs for employees




Company Description

The Intel Ireland Campus is located in Leixlip, County Kildare. Over $7.5 billion has been invested in turning the site into the most technologically advanced industrial location in Europe.  At Intel, we create technology that advances people’s lives.  We believe that to foster innovation and drive economic growth for everyone, we need quality education for young people, strong communities and a healthy planet.  To this end, we take a hands-on, collaborative approach to making change, whether we are training teachers, volunteering in local organizations or designing energy efficient products.


Business Issue

Intel is committed to developing a culture in which employees and their families are healthy, productive and engaged in living wellness-oriented lifestyles every day.

We are recognized as an employer who provides comprehensive health and wellness benefits for its employees and we believe in providing innovative, competitive, health benefits and wellness programs, tools, resources, and solutions for all employees and their families to manage and improve their health.


Solution Applied

We have created a portfolio of health benefit plans and wellness programs designed to encourage employees to evaluate, improve, and maintain their health and the health of their families.  Intel’s Health for Life program is designed to inspire and motivate employees to take action toward achieving their best possible health and quality of life.  To this end, Intel has partnered with Aetna, an independent provider of onsite corporate health services, to deliver Health for Life Wellness Check.

The Health for Life Wellness Check provides biometric screening, which includes cholesterol and glucose testing, basic measurements of blood pressure and body mass index, a health risk assessment, and wellness coaching. The programme offers a convenient and confidential way for employees to understand and evaluate their health and reach their own personal health goals. By supporting employees in understanding their health, we are providing a foundation for improving their overall health and quality of life.

These programs are deployed through the Health for Life Centre. The Centre is designed to be hub for site-level wellness activities.


Company Benefits

Our safety and wellness programs help employees enjoy a better quality of life and contribute to Intel’s success, since employees who are physically and mentally fit can be more engaged and productive both at work and at home.  We have seen an increase usage (from previous year) in preventive care benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision and Health for Life Centers.


Stakeholder Benefits

By participating in the program, employees have improved productivity, health & well-being, are fully engaged in their health and take responsibility for their health care decisions.  The personalized experience helps meet individual needs based on experienced clinical knowledge and analysis.  Health for Life provides an integrated and seamless programme that actively engages and satisfies all participants

Through the 3-Step Wellness Check participation and through employees setting their own wellness goals, employees have positively commented on the success of the programme for them.  There has been over 60% participation and in some cases potentially serious conditions have been identified early and corrective actions taken.


Solution Champion

Lisa Harlow, External Relations Manager,