Intel: Preserving and enhancing the natural habitat of the river Rye




Company Description

The Intel Ireland Campus is located in Leixlip, County Kildare. Over $7.5 billion has been invested in turning the site into the most technologically advanced industrial location in Europe.  At Intel, we create technology that advances people’s lives.  We believe that to foster innovation and drive economic growth for everyone, we need quality education for young people, strong communities and a healthy planet.  To this end, we take a hands-on, collaborative approach to making change, whether we are training teachers, volunteering in local organizations or designing energy efficient products.


Business Issue

The Rye river runs at the back of the Intel campus. It is an important tributary of the river Liffey and is considered one of the most important salmon spawning grounds in the Liffey catchment.  When Intel first located on the site, the river was at risk due to large over-growth.  Intel set the objective of improving the condition of the Rye as a community amenity and the quality of the river as a salmon and trout fishery.


Solution Applied:
Over the last number of years Intel has supported major projects to rehabilitate the Rye Water, working to preserve and enhance its natural habitat, and the company has a long standing commitment to the monitoring of the river through the funding of detailed annual reports that provide extensive information on the physical and environmental features of the Rye Water.

Through restoration work, the river has been brought back to its former glory and through limnological investigations at university level, the river has furthered our understanding of indicators of water quality and fish life cycles.

The extent of information that now exists on the Rye places it among the few rivers in the country which can boast such long-term records for a variety of aquatic life.

To mark 20 years of reporting and to share the wealth of unique information obtained through many years of monitoring, Intel Ireland commissioned a special publication ‘The Remarkable Rye Water’ which was compiled by AQUENS Ltd. at University College Dublin.


Company Benefits:
Intel is seen as a trusted member of the local community through its continued commitment to enhance the river Rye.  Through a variety of programmes we have increased employee and community awareness about the environment on the Intel campus and these programmes have gradually garnered third party endorsement.


Stakeholder Benefits:
1. The scientific research of the river is now a community resource and is available for public review.

2. The local community has benefited from the support of environmental projects that enhances their community. The documentation will be a resource for years to come.

3. The Friends of the Rye, is a group of interested people who meet five times per year to discuss the health of the river and plan areas for improvement.

According to Denis (the longest serving member of the Friends of the Rye Water) of Ryevale Lawns Residents Association, “I have seen many of the improvements initiated by Intel, and carried out under the supervision of Dr Martin O’Grady over the years, such as the pruning of trees along the Rye Water, the introduction of spawning beds (gravel) and the insertion of stones to create better water flow.  The role of Kildare County Council has too been vital as they have played an important part in improving water quality by encouraging farmers to take precautions to prevent effluent entering the Rye Water.”



  • Maintaining commitment to the initiative. The cost of rejuvenation and surveying is significant.
  • The river is affected by aspects beyond the control of the core team e.g. the quality of the river is directly impacted by its tributaries.


• Make employees your advocates through creative awareness campaigns.
• Engage with a variety of stakeholders, not just those that you deem to be directly affected.


Departments Involved:
Corporate Affairs and Environmental Health and Safety.


Solution Champion:
Lisa Harlow, External Relations Manager,