Intel Ireland – Providing an energy management tool to local businesses and schools




Company Description

The Intel Ireland Campus is located in Leixlip, County Kildare.  Over $7.5 billion has been invested in turning the site into the most technologically advanced industrial location in Europe. At Intel, we create technology that advances people’s lives.  We believe that to foster innovation and drive economic growth for everyone, we need quality education for young people, strong communities and a healthy planet.  To this end, we take a hands-on, collaborative approach to making change, whether we are training teachers, volunteering in local organizations or designing energy efficient products.


Business Issue

Through the use of technology, Intel Ireland wished to extend the economic and social benefits it achieves through energy management and reduction and to demonstrate its on-going commitment to the local community.


Solution Applied

The company developed the ‘Reduce Our Energy’ project which provided an energy management tool to a pilot group of five local businesses and five local schools, coupled with an online resource that provides real time energy usage data and resources for energy awareness, management and reduction.  

The programme involved liaison with the schools and business involved and the set-up of an energy monitoring system that could provide a baseline usage report.  This was shared with participants and energy saving measures recommended.  Energy use was then monitored for a further 12 weeks after which the participants were provided with an update report on usage, energy saving measures and grants that were applicable.

There was also occasion to investigate opportunities for the creation of novel applications to bolster the energy awareness initiative.  Company volunteers with an interest in this area became ambassadors at the outset of the program to establish the direct relationship with Intel.


Company Benefits

It provided an exciting local initiative while also involving Intel staff and novel technological applications.


Stakeholder Benefits

Saved energy costs for local stakeholders and provided them with information by which they could continue to manage energy use.


Solution Champion

Lisa Harlow, External Relations Manager,