Intel Ireland: Promoting a culture of work life balance

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Company Description:
Intel has invested €7 billion in turning its Leixlip operations into the most technologically advanced industrial campus in Ireland producing logic, memory and support chip devices.

Business Issue:
At Intel Ireland Work/Life Effectiveness (WLE) is a strategic response to the significant changes that have taken place in work and life over the past 10-15 years. We recognise the difficulty of managing a job and personal life. Our goal is to make it easier for people to get the right balance for themselves.

Solution Applied:
Intel Ireland offers Work/Life Effectiveness Programmes to all employees. Family Links is a Resource & Referral Service providing consultation, information and assistance to employees who are seeking help in finding childcare. Recognising that childcare facilities are not always available in school holidays, Intel Ireland runs summer camps in the 5 to 12 year age group. Other initiatives include Baby Hampers, Parenting Seminars and Bulletins and kid-to-work days. 10% of the employee population are currently availing of alternative work arrangements. These include term time (allowing parents time off during school holidays), gradual re-integration from maternity leave, job share, telecommuting, alternative starts and others. The cornerstone of employee’s flexibility is the continued focus on the employee/ manager relationship. Intel University designs and delivers training, supported by a course catalogue of over 7,000 training programmes. Our continuing education programme facilitates on-going learning and development. We partner with external colleges to provide on-site programmes, tailored curriculum and 100% tuition assistance. Available to all Intel employees, there is no set limit on costs or duration of the programme.

Company Benefits:
In a knowledge economy that celebrates innovation, diversity and corporate values, it is imperative for companies to create and sustain a healthy, viable culture for their greatest asset: their people.

Stakeholder Benefits:
In our quarterly employee organisation health survey, we have seen a continued increase in positive responses to the following question “I have the flexibility to balance the needs of my work and personal life”. This is a clear indication that employee’s satisfaction is increasing. According to an employee Intel has good schemes for work-life effectiveness and treats their staff well.“I would heartily recommend them as a good employer.”

The challenges associated with introducing next generation technologies while meeting productivity targets mean it is not always possible to meet everyone’s needs all of the time. However we do commit to work with all employees on their specific needs and support them wherever possible, through our employee/manager relationship.

Employees need to understand their role in achieving a greater sense of balance and we have developed training in this area also, available to all employees.

Departments Involved:
Human Resources

Solution Champion:
Roseanne Killeen, Human Resource Generalist,