Bank of Ireland: Focusing on energy consumption reduction for business benefit

Business in the Community Ireland

Company Description:
Bank of Ireland is a diversified Financial Services Group established in 1783 by Royal Charter. A traditional, relationship-driven retail and commercial bank with a conservative business philosophy, we have a clear and compelling strategy to:

  • Support our customers
  • Strengthen our capital
  • Continue to fund our balance sheet effectively
  • Actively manage our credit risks
  • Rigorously manage our cost

Business Issue:
In early 2009, we recognised our most significant environmental impact was energy, so we decided to build on the ISO14001 framework to support an Energy Management System.

Solution Applied:
Our goal was to be certified to the EN16001 Energy Management Standard and this milestone was achieved in September 2010. The technical initiatives taken to support EN16001 included:

  • Increasing set points in the IT comms rooms
  • Reducing set points on boilers
  • Introducing boiler optimisation controls
  • Aligning plant run times with the operating schedule for the business

We launched Power of One @ BOI, a Group wide energy and environmental management awareness multi channel communication programme used to keep staff up to date on various initiatives that are underway across the organisation. During 2010, we held 22 Energy Awareness Days in all key locations, attended by over 6000 staff. We have published a number of articles and features in our internal staff magazine and received over 400 suggestions from a Power of One @ BOI staff suggestions scheme.

Company Benefits:

  • Thermal and electrical energy management savings of 529,049kWh representing an annual saving of €27,103.
  • Greater awareness of energy management and ways to reduce energy usage for employees at work and in their own personal lives.
  • External recognition for all the good work being done across the organisation to build and sustain environmental excellence.

Stakeholder Benefits:
Increased energy awareness and communications programme developed within the company has resulted in employees coming up with ideas to personally reduce their carbon footprint. Bank of Ireland received external recognition for the work undertaken in the Cabinteely locations and we were winners in the 2010 Envirocom Awards, run by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Chamber. Bank of Ireland was also awarded the Overall Green Business Award 2011.

We knew that changes to the systems used to operate and manage our buildings could make a difference but technical changes alone would not be enough. To achieve excellence in environmental management, we needed a campaign to change the behaviour of staff in order to build energy and environmental awareness into their way of working.

It’s vital to communicate to all employees so that they understand what’s going on and how they can also play their part.

Departments Involved:
Group Facilities, Group Services.

Solution Champion:
Dermot O’Sullivan, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager. Email: Dermot.O’