Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd’s lmpact Map

Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd’s Community Engagement Policy

Servier aims to protect the environment and create economic, social and therapeutic value, taking into account the expectations of patients and other stakeholders. CSR at Servier is a shared and meaningful project fully integrated into our corporate strategy through our vision to contribute to providing quality healthcare to all.

Indeed, we fulfil this responsibility not only toward the 100 million patients who are treated daily with our medicinal products, but also toward our 22,000 employees, our partners and stakeholders, and the environment. Our CSR policy fully reflects this global responsibility.

Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd’s Impact in 2018

In 2018, to help us give back to the communities that we live and work in, Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd partnered with multiple community organisations across Ireland, including Arklow Cancer Support, Pieta House and Camara Education. Through these community links, our employees gave 159 volunteer hours and fundraised €6,373, in addition to company support of €2,470 in cash donations and €3,750 worth of in-kind donations.

Download the full list of community partners supported in 2018 here.

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