Momentum Support’s commitment to good Mental Health & their partnership with Suicide or Survive

Overview of the Partnership

Momentum Support was founded by Colin Maybin in September of 1982. From its inception, Colin has always encouraged a culture and ethos within the company that people and the community in which Momentum Support conducts its business activities are put centre stage.

During 2017, Verona Pentony was given the task to establish a Corporate Social Responsibility division within Momentum Support, with the key objective to drive a business strategy on the following themes, pillars and values: “To operate our business in a way that not only generates benefits for the organisation, but also society and the economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment”.

The senior management within Momentum Support endorsed the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy – “Mission Right Let’s make the Right Choice” – in which they have approved 6 charity partners in areas of Mental Health, Homelessness and Intellectual Disabilities.

Verona has always been an advocate for the improvement of Mental Health, and people’s attitudes to Mental Health issues.  She has done this by increasing the importance and awareness of good Mental Health to all stakeholders.  In this way, it will normalise and remove the fear associated with Mental illness and so remove barriers and discrimination which can – and does – build up a negative view of Mental illness.  Momentum Support creates a safe place to talk about one’s mental health and encourages others to call for help.

In 2019, Ian Anderson, Group Chief Operating Officer presented Verona Pentony with a Momentum Support Recognition Certificate 2019, in recognition of her commitment and achievements.  This was echoed by the introduction of Caroline McGuigan, CEO and founder of Suicide or Survive (SOS), and her personal journey with Mental Health and how she overcame the illness and, in the process, changed her life.  She was further aided with Robert Carley, who was an invited guest speaker.  Their message resonated within the room with this statement: “Suicide prevention – Lets break the stigma around mental health today”.

Implementing Best Practise

Momentum Support have developed an excellent working relation with our Charity Partner Suicide or Survive (SOS).  Further successful community engagement and team work has been encouraged with a positive and productive relationship with Anthony Doran, Fundraising Manager.

Ian Anderson’s guidance from the onset was to: “create a partnership that allows Momentum Support to make impact through working together with the charity partner to make a difference”.

The following is an illustration of the community employee engagement between Momentum Support and Suicide or Survive (SOS):

  • In September 2019, the inaugural Soccer Palooza 32-team soccer tournament took place in the Santry Stadium.  The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division encouraged and mobilised all of the various stakeholders, including the individual team players, to form 4 teams representing Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Sponsorship was sourced from various companies within our retails clients and from our supply chain companies through donations and sponsorship of the Soccer Jerseys including company logos.  Employees further supported the fundraising and were able to raise €3000 from the various Momentum Support site locations within Ireland and the United Kingdom.


  • The Momentum Support charity partner Suicide or Survive (SOS) organised a Wellness workshop day, with the intention of highlighting the importance of Mental Health for all staff in both the personal and employment areas of their lives.  All staff attending, including management, were given the skills and techniques for the maintenance of their individual mental health and wellness.  There was fun to be had with fundraising games and Annual Leave day prizes, with each attendee receiving a Wellness Jar and a SOS booklet.


  • For two years now, Momentum Support Team Dublin Airport has participated in the Christmas Jumper Day with funds raised going to Suicide or Survive. 2019 was a highlight where Nicole Gunning and the SOS Team were interviewed by Verona Pentony, which was shared with all Momentum Support stakeholders.


  • Within the Momentum Support head office, a Mental Health & Wellbeing Working group was established by the CSR division. This group has met for 14 hours and is made up of team leader Sinéad Woods, the Learning & Development Manager, and four other members (Paul Dalton, Claire Kelly, Brigita Ivaskeviciute and Sean Carroll) representing a cross-section of Momentum Support.  They were actively involved in the support and the successful outcome of the Suicide or Survive (S.O.S) workshop, which is outlined above. 35 operatives and management engaged with and received skills and techniques in how to manage and maintain an individual’s Mental Health & Wellness on a day-to-day basis.

The Impact of the Partnership

In conclusion, the Momentum Support CSR Strategy motto “Mission Right let’s make the right choice” is illustrative of the purpose of Verona Pentony as the CSR & Quality Manager.

Her initial thoughts on Mental Health were “we could impact minds and remove existing barriers associated with Mental Health issues and allow Momentum Support as a company to create a safe place to talk about Mental Health issues and encourage people to seek help.  Our vision is that one day those effected would not be ashamed to return to work, and employers would have the understanding to support a phased return to work arrangement.

In this, she has achieved her task in improving the positive nature and awareness of Mental Health issues within Momentum Support.

Momentum Support’s Impact in 2019

Momentum Support provided €47,485 in cash donations and €10,116 was raised through employee fundraising. Employees also volunteered 1,134 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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