Lidl has raised vital funds and developed outreach programmes for youth mental health in Ireland

Business in the Community Ireland

Overview of the Partnership

At Lidl, our sustainability philosophy is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our colleagues, to be active and positive contributors to the communities in which we operate and to be good stewards of the environment. We are continuously developing our community work, fundraising for charity partners, volunteering programme, local sourcing and employment opportunities.

We are delighted to be partnered with Jigsaw since 2018 who, with 13 centres in Ireland and Jigsaw Online, advance the mental health of young people, by influencing change, strengthening communities and delivering services. Through this partnership, we have pledged to raise €1 million over 3 years.

Not only are we aiming to raise vital funds for Jigsaw, we are also committed to raising national awareness of youth mental health across Ireland by encouraging all of our customers, colleagues and communities to be One Good Adult to a young person in their lives.

Implementing Best Practise

Evidence from extensive research by Jigsaw indicated 1 in 3 young people reported to have experienced some type of mental distress. However, 71% of young people who reported the presence of a trusted adult they could talk to when they needed support, resulted in better mental health and less risk taking behaviours, fostering the idea of ‘One Good Adult’.

We decided to utilise these insights to build an integrated campaign that uses our reach across Ireland to channel dedicated messages to raising awareness of young people’s mental health, emphasising the powerful impact of One Good Adult. Highlighting how we do not need to be the expert and the power of just being there and really listening. Launched in the run up to World Mental Health Day our bespoke One Good Adult campaign took over all our media channels, social channels, in-store branding and even selected products.

To further support a wraparound approach to youth mental health we combined our LGFA partnership with Jigsaw to create, One Good Club, a five-step mental health awareness programme aiming to build and encourage positive mental health promotion every community.

Impact of the Partnership

One Good Adult Campaign

  • All TV, radio and social adverts reached over 1m per channel
  • In store we sold over 700,000 products with dedicated messaging for youth mental health
  • Our bespoke support book, ‘Lidl Book of Listening’, had over 30,000 One Good Adults redeem tea in store
  • Jigsaw had a 40% increase in online traffic, 52% increase in new users and a 21% increase in referrals

One Good Club™

The five-step programme was developed using the ‘5 a Day for your Mental Health’, an evidence-informed framework, made up of simple actions aimed at boosting your mental health and wellbeing. The steps include ‘Connect’, ‘Be Active’, ‘Take Notice’, ‘Give’ and ‘Keep Learning’.

  • Results from our pilot showed participating clubs felt the programme helped young people with their mental health while also building links in the wider community.
  • Over 900 nominations received in 2020 launch of programme.

One Good School

All our fundraising is supporting Jigsaw’s secondary school programme, One Good School, in over 80 secondary schools up and down the country.

One Good Manager

We completed OneGoodManager training with leadership in Lidl. This training was delivered in conjunction with Jigsaw and based on OneGoodAdult research.

Jigsaw Heroes

We have at least one trained Jigsaw hero in each store who is responsible for rallying colleague support and organising fundraising events along with dedicated teams in regions and Head Office to organise large scale events.


In Jigsaw’s latest brand results it was reported that 33% of people first heard of Jigsaw through the partnership with Lidl and 89% were happy to see Jigsaw connected to Lidl.

Lidl’s Impact in 2019

Business in the Community Ireland

Lidl provided €610,630 in cash donations; €1,083,469 was contributed through in-kind donations and €412,132 was raised through employee fundraising. Employees also volunteered 5,328 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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