IBM’s Impact Map 2019

Business in the Community Ireland

IBM’s Community Engagement Policy

At IBM, social responsibility means business. Whether helping clients or tackling societal challenges, we bring innovation, expertise and a dedication to the success of organisations that build strong communities worldwide.  We focus particularly on education, health, and disaster resiliency.

With the launch of IBM Volunteers in November 2003, IBM reinvented its support of employees and retirees whose volunteer work enriches the communities where we live and work. This innovative global program reflects IBM’s strategy to help the world work better, making a wide range of knowledge and expertise available to volunteers online. It builds on award-winning IBM corporate citizenship programs and extends a long tradition of community engagement by IBMers worldwide, drawing on our strengths in innovation, expertise, reliability, and trust.

IBM Volunteers offers dozens of skills based volunteer activity kits designed around specific opportunities such as project management, technology strategy and planning, disaster planning, science and maths education and more.  Each kit provides supporting materials such as presentations or educational modules, to prepare and equip volunteers for their valuable work with schools or community agencies – with translations into multiple languages to support what is truly a global program.

The program represents a collaboration among IBM Corporate Citizenship, IBM business units (whose expertise in areas such as technology planning and open source software is integral to many volunteer activity kits), and external partners from the fields of education and not-for-profit administration.

IBM’s Impact in 2019

IBM provided €41,850 given in cash donations and €99,000 was contributed through in-kind donations. Employees also volunteered 66,341 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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