Hovione Ireland’s lmpact Map

Hovione Ireland’s Community Engagement Policy

Hovione is a family business and its paramount goal is the construction of a robust and prosperous business for the long term that serves society by harnessing science and industry. To ensure our long‑term viability we will contribute positively to economic, environmental and social sustainability. These concerns are embedded in our core values and purpose. Sustainability is fully integrated into the business strategy and makes the best use of science, innovative technologies, systems and business practice to ensure we endeavour to protect the environment, giving back to society while conducting business in a responsible way.


Hovione Ireland’s Impact in 2018

In 2018, to help us give back to the communities that we live and work in, Hovione Ireland partnered with 15 community organisations across Ireland, including I Wish, Jigsaw and Hope. Through these community links, our employees gave 75 volunteer hours to support their mission.

Download the full list of community partners supported in 2018 here.

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