Energia’s Impact Map 2019

Business in the Community Ireland

Energia’s Community Engagement Policy

At Energia, we provide Ireland with great value energy. However, we strive to do more than just that. We are heavily involved within the community across the island of Ireland. Energia supports the growth and prosperity of local communities through charitable donations, community benefit funds and national sponsorships.

Energia’s Impact in 2019

As a modern customer-centric utility, what we do underpins the quality of life and living for people across this island.

We are the power behind homes, schools, hospitals, factories, businesses and all of Ireland’s streetlights.

But our work doesn’t stop there, we are also committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and we align each of our businesses to ensure that we give back to society. In 2019, Energia partnered with and supported the communities that we live and work in, across the island of Ireland. Through our sponsorships, community benefit funds and charitable donations, we have given over €1m in cash donations.

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