Aviva employees renovate Galway Rape Crisis Centre in launch of their 2 year partnership

Overview of the Partnership

We have 4 charity partnerships in Aviva that are running from December 2019 to December 2021.

One of those partnerships is with the Galway Rape crisis centre, a partnership that our staff value, having been part of the selection process. It is of paramount importance that staff can feel a connection to these partnerships to maximise engagement. It is a charity that we believe ties into our value of promoting diversity and inclusion.

Through various volunteer activities staff are also able to avail of the volunteer hours which is a key KPI for us.

We also measure the amount of donations that we give out to our partnerships. We focus on these rather than trying to help loads of charities and that focus can help to have a bigger impact.

Implementing Best Practice

We look to support this charity through a range of fundraising activities, but much more than that too with skill sharing and learnings from both sides. GRCC will be providing information sessions for our staff on ‘how to parent your child in an over-sexualised world’ and we are running marketing workshops for them.

Staff can claim back up to 21 hours annual leave back for volunteer work carried out with our charity partners

We approached one of our property restoration suppliers and together with 25 Aviva staff went out to completely renovate the GRCC building with new floors, shelving and paint work. Staff were also able to avail of the volunteer hours which is a key KPI for us.

The Impact of the Partnership

As with all our charity partnerships, the partnership with GRCC is still quite new but we can already see the difference we are making. Our recent renovation work on the GRCC building is testament to our staff’s willingness to get involved with this great charity and the local press coverage helped to give a boost to GRCC’s profile.

For all of GRCCs clients, the space is now so much more welcoming and can help to put them at ease at what is likely a very traumatic time for them.

We are looking forward to seeing this partnership grow and look forward to doing some great work with them in the future.

Aviva’s Impact in 2019

Aviva provided €114,746 in cash donations; €3,420 was contributed through in-kind donations and €33,217 was raised through employee fundraising. Employees also volunteered 712 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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