Arup’s Impact Map 2019

Business in the Community Ireland

Arup’s Community Engagement Policy

At Arup our aim is to deliver a programme of Community Engagement activities that is inclusive, integrated, inspiring and impactful. Ove Arup’s legacy is a firm that places social purpose high among its values. Today, through our Community Engagement programme, we actively encourage and support our people to participate in charitable activities as a key part of our contribution to shaping a better world. At an international level we focus on:

Development: providing technical assistance to community based, and international, organisations; delivering projects that improve people’s lives in developing and newly industrialised countries.

Disaster Response and Recovery: enabling our people to respond to humanitarian needs by supporting fundraising initiatives and responding to requests for technical support.

Our approach in Ireland

Here in Ireland we focus on Local Engagement – providing support to local organisation’s and communities and those for whom our skills are particularly relevant. We have two primary areas of focus:


We believe that education is fundamental to ensuring that everybody meets their potential and that opportunities are created in our society. We require a well-educated and diverse workforce to achieve our aims and ensure that we deliver a quality service for our clients. At the same time our employees have the ability to inspire others, especially children, share their skills and experiences and create opportunities that may otherwise not be possible. We partner with organisations that work across primary, secondary and third level education to ensure we maximize our impact in this area.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Time to Read
  • STEPS – Guest Lectures and Transition Year Students Programme

We have set out our 3 streams:

Professional Services – Arup Employees volunteering engineering services
Fund Raising – We aim to pick 2 Charity’s for 1 year and all fundraising money throughout the year will go to them
Volunteering – ‘Getting down and dirty’ – going out helping paint houses, themed holiday window paintings etc.

Using our Skills in the Built Environment

We believe that we can achieve the greatest impact by offering both skills and money. We encourage and facilitate our staff to volunteer their technical skills and know-how across a number of projects in the built environment. We partner with organisations that share our values and whose resources best complement our potential contribution. These partnerships enable us to provide an on-going programme of support and are formed with the medium to long-term in mind; maximising the impact of what we can achieve together. Our partnerships are broad-ranging – in addition to using our technical skills, we work with our partners to identify other areas where we can offer expertise and we target our fundraising efforts to provide our partners with.

Our current partners:

AWARE– We have helped AWARE with all 3 of our streams

Dublin Simon – We have helped Simon Community with all 3 of our streams

Cork Simon – We have helped Simon Community with all 3 of our streams

DePaul -We have helped Simon Community with all 3 of our streams

Arup’s Impact in 2019

Arup provided €60,330 in cash donations; €28,905 was contributed through in-kind donations and €40,461 was raised through employee fundraising. Employees also volunteered 3,720 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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