Alkermes partnership with the SCCUL Sanctuary

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Overview of the Partnership

Alkermes is a leader in innovative medicines that address the unmet needs and challenges of people living with debilitating diseases. Alkermes applies its scientific expertise, proprietary technologies and global resources to develop products that are designed to make a meaningful difference in the way patients manage their diseases. CSR is interwoven across all facets of the Strategic Framework from the Vision to the Core Values and is embraced at all levels within the organization.

As a result of aligning the CSR strategy with Alkermes products, the CSR team has embarked on a program to support the SCCUL Sanctuary which is a therapeutic support centre based in Clarinbridge, Co Galway. SCCUL support the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of clients through a range of counselling, support and therapy workshops and are in the process of building their own centre which will enable the services to be expanded. This alliance is in its infancy and will see greater involvement for the CSR team from 2019 and beyond.

In conjunction with financial support from Alkermes, Staff Members were involved in the renovation of the building and participating in some of the retreat days. As part of the involvement between the two organizations, a patient with MS – who utilizes the services of SCCUL – attended an All Hands meeting at Alkermes and spoke about her experience of the condition. This has helped employees in terms of their understanding and alignment to the Alkermes vision: ’By developing and delivering innovative medicines, we improve the lives of our patients, our employees and our community’.

Implementing Best Practice

SCCUL’s mission is to provide emotional support for those in our communities who face serious challenges to their health and wellbeing. SCCUL Sanctuary was established to help prevent and alleviate poverty and distress in Galway city and county and to support the least privileged groups in our community.  SCCUL Enterprises Ltd founded SCCUL Sanctuary to help them in this task.

In 2016, Alkermes recognised the need SCCUL had to improve its facilities. To this end, Alkermes consulted with SCCUL to understand what their purpose was and how we could support these aims. Initially Alkermes provided financial support to renovate a dilapidated property into a modern centre. In addition, Alkermes ran a number of team-building events across multiple departments where employees contributed to the renovations by assisting in the landscaping of the grounds.

Since its initial inceptions, Alkermes have continued to support SCCUL, with an example being the on-site choir competing in Choir Factor and raising funds for the maintenance of the SCCUL centre. Each year, Alkermes staff continue to attend team building events and take time in the new setting to reflect on both what they have achieved and identify ways we can continue to have an impact.

The Impact of the Partnership

Some of the most frequent users in this period included women from domestic violence shelters in Athlone and Galway, MS Ireland members from Longford, Clare, Westmeath and Galway, Galway Parkinsons and Family Carers from the Midlands, West and South West of Ireland.

2,740 people received therapeutic care at the SCCUL Sanctuary during the last four years since the door opened in the current location.

The impact to individuals and organisations have been an increased sense of community and reduced isolation,  improved coping skills through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, development of support networks and improved physical and mental well-being.

Alkermes’s Impact in 2019

Business in the Community Ireland

Alkermes provided €44,080 given in cash donations; €5,630 was contributed through in-kind donations and €750 was raised through employee fundraising. Employees also volunteered 250 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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