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A&L Goodbody’s Community Engagement Policy

A&L Goodbody has a strong tradition of collaborating with and supporting the local communities in which we work. Step Up, our community based programme, gives everyone at A&L Goodbody an opportunity to make a difference in the local community we work in. Programmes are implemented through pro bono legal advice, volunteering and funding. Everything we do as part of Step Up is underpinned and measured by an overarching theme; collaborating with partner organisations to create opportunities for people most in need in our communities. To achieve this we support and participate in local education initiatives, employment programmes and fundraising.

We believe we make the most impact by using our skills, knowledge and training to deliver what is most needed in the community. Pro bono is at the centre of all our community involvement. We work very much in partnership with domestic and international clearing houses, including the Public Interest Law Alliance, Business in the Community and Thomson Reuter Trustlaw Foundation. They match our expertise with specific legal needs in non-governmental organisations, community organisations and law centres. We ask that all lawyers undertake a minimum of 10 hours pro bono work each year.


A&L Goodbody’s Impact in 2018

In 2018, A&L Goodbody provided support by partnering with 115 community organisations including the Irish Refugee Council, Suas and PILA (Public Interest Law Alliance). Through these community links, our employees gave 8,074 volunteer hours and fundraised €14,613, in addition to company support of €188,295 in cash donations and €1,760,874 worth of in-kind donations.

Download the full list of community partners supported in 2018 here.

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