William Fry staff and Jack & Jill

William Fry staff chose Jack & Jill as its Community Charity Partner at the start of 2017. The partnership will run over three years and include a corporate donation of €100,000 as well as pro bono support, skills-based volunteering and fundraising.

As part of the partnership, William Fry worked with Jack & Jill on Incognito, a unique and innovative fundraising campaign benefitting the charity, from November 2017 through April 2018.

The event, which ran from 4-8 April at The Solomon Gallery, Dublin, was Ireland’s largest single-gallery public art exhibition, with almost 2,000 postcard-size artworks available. Each of these original art pieces was sold to the public for €50 — the twist being that no one knew the identity of the artist until after they bought the piece.

Over 1000 Irish and International artists – including William Fry staff – contributed to this initiative. The exhibition included work by Tracey Emin, John Kelly, Peter Curling, Martin Gale, Olivia Golden, P.J. Crook, Ed Miliano, Abigail O’Brien, and Richard Gorman.

The project raised €95,000, which will provide more than 6,000 hours of home nursing care to Jack & Jill children.

William Fry was proud to work with Jack & Jill on this project. Part of our annual financial contribution underwrote the costs of the event so that every cent raised went to provide services for Jack & Jill families. Our staff also had the unique opportunity to contribute their creative skills through donation of original artwork that was sold at the exhibition. Our Marketing team offered PR, Digital and Event Management support and expertise and the event was staffed by 55 William Fry volunteers, working side by side with Jack & Jill to raise funds and champion the cause of children with disabilities and their families.

This project relates to Sustainable Development Goal number 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing. The critical work that Jack & Jill does, and that Incognito supports, is the medical care at home of sick children and respite care for the families. This could be through home visits from nurses, with practical tips on how to access the services a child will need; listening to what parents want for their child and making representations and advocating on their behalf; Jack & Jill also provides direct funding to families, enabling them to buy home respite care to give them a break and this is provided through a panel of 600 community nurses around the country mobilised by Jack & Jill. The Foundation cannot cure the children. But it can help to alleviate some of the difficulties that exist. Parents refer to this child and family centred service as a ‘Gift of Time’ and William Fry is honoured to donate our gift of home nursing care hours to the 350 families under Jack & Jill’s wing through this partnership.

Quote from a Jack & Jill parent:
“If you have your child in hospital, you can use your Jack & Jill hours for the nurse to come into the hospital so that you can go home to see other children. It’s amazing the recognition that it is an important part of family life, that mum can go home, be there when the other children come from school, cook their dinner and maybe come back to the hospital later that same night.”

Alternative quote:
I thought my nurse was a fairy godmother, each time that we were in hospital she appeared, she knew what to say, what to explain, hold your hand and kind of just tell you things were going to be OK. They visit your home, they are part of your life, part of your family.”

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