Job Seekers and Referral Agencies

Working with people seeking employment and referral agencies


Business Action on Employment is our initiative for workplace diversity and inclusion.

Business Action on Employment is delivered via our three programmes, EPIC, Ready for Work and RISE which work with immigrants, refugees and people with high barriers to employment and help them to find jobs and access training and education.

EPIC works with immigrants and refugees and features specific training on English for Employment, IT Skills and information sessions on a variety of themes to facilitate networking, understanding of the Irish system and to promote social integration. Topics covered include employment rights and entitlements, social welfare, access to health and equality and diversity in the work place. Job seekers can contact us directly to avail of the service.

RISE works with refugees helping them to understand, appreciate and integrate successfully into Irish society and to facilitate language acquisition.  A longer term goal is to support the participants progress to education or employment.

Ready for Work helps people with high barriers to employment and guarantees a supported work experience in a company. Referral agencies can refer clients to us to avail of the service.

EPIC – for immigrant jobseekers


Our EPIC Programme is a unique initiative that to date has impacted the lives of over 3,000 people from 101 nationalities. 68% of our clients have found jobs or entered training or are volunteering.

EPIC brings huge benefits to clients in terms of improving their English language, their job seeking skills, raising their motivation and confidence, increasing their cultural awareness and understanding of the work environment; building their networks and promoting overall social integration.

EPIC increases the job seeking skills of immigrants through a six week training course, One-to-One support and opportunities for work experience. This programme is co-funded by the Department of Justice and Equality and the European Social Fund under the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020. For more information visit Business Action on Employment / Are you a Job Seeker

Ready for Work – refer a client with high barriers to employment

Ready for Work is our tried and tested programme providing work experience, training and guidance to people with high barriers to employment.

The people we support through our partnership with businesses face a range of barriers: from experience of homelessness or addiction, time in prison and mental health problems.

To date Ready for Work has impacted the lives of over 500 people. Close to 60% of those completing their work experience have since started working and almost all participants have said that the programme has increased their confidence and motivation for finding employment. 

We work with referral agencies across Dublin, and are aiming to become a nationwide programme. If you are working with people who are affected by homelessness or other barriers and are keen to return to work, visit Business Action on Employment / Referral Agencies.