Intel – Providing health & wellness programs for employees

Oct 11, 2013

2013 – We have created a portfolio of health benefit plans and wellness programs designed to encourage employees to evaluate, improve, and maintain their health and the health of their families. Intel’s Health for Life program is designed to inspire and motivate employees to take action toward achieving their best possible health and quality of life. To this end, Intel has partnered with Aetna, an independent provider of onsite corporate health services, to deliver Health for Life Wellness Check.

ESB – Provision of support to staff who are acutely distressed.

Oct 08, 2013

2013 – ESB has teamed up with Pieta House to run a pilot initiative called “Mind Ur Buddy”, which is aimed at raising the awareness of suicide prevention across the company. Under this pilot, 11 staff members have volunteered to undergo training with Pieta House and take on the role of Buddy Support Person (BSP) in order to be able to offer immediate support to any of their colleagues who may be feeling suicidal or acutely distressed.

ESB: Developing a Culture of Health & Well-Being

Oct 16, 2012

Company Description ESB is Ireland’s leading energy utility. We generate, distribute and sell (through our retail company ESB Electric Ireland) electricity to customers throughout Ireland.   Business Issue ESB’s safety objective is simple – we will have zero injuries. Occupational diseases are addressed as part of our safety management process. However, ESB recognises the benefits

ESB: Developing a programme for staff on mental health issues

Feb 19, 2012

ESB is committed to promoting health and well-being among our 6,000 staff. We run an extensive health and wellbeing programme and have well-established equality and diversity policies.

CRH Plc: Promoting health & safety company-wide

Feb 19, 2012

Health and Safety is the number one priority for all CRH companies. CRH is committed to achieving industry best practice in safety at every location. The challenging goal is zero fatalities and zero accidents. CRH continues to devote substantial management, employee time and all the appropriate resources to this area, and is always looking for innovative ways to bring the safety message to all.