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Events Calendar 2015

  Throughout 2015, we are hosting a wide range of training, networking and expert seminars on a variety of corporate responsibility topics, many suitable for various departments across our member companies. Click on the Events Calendar to download and get dates in your diary for the year ahead.

Making consistent impact: Environmental Trends, Best Practice and Supports

As part of our mission to inspire companies to adopt best practice in Corporate Responsibility and help them benchmark their activities in this area, Business in the Community Ireland has published the report“Making consistent impact: Environmental Trends, Best Practice and Supports” which highlights the trends, challenges, best practices and behaviours of our members in relation

New transparency rules on social responsibility for big companies

Last week saw another step towards mainstreaming responsible and sustainable business practices.

What would you do if you were the CEO of this company?

The Responsible Business Lab will premiere at The Responsible Business Forum 2014 . The Lab is a unique and interactive workshop that will provide a platform to think about and discuss in groups, the everyday dilemmas facing businesses that want to operate responsibly. Taking real life scenarios, such as the one below, all delegates will have the opportunity to investigate

Business Leaders highlight employment and commercial opportunities of climate action

On 18th September, The Irish Corporate Leaders on Climate Change presented its report – “ Unlocking Opportunity: the business case for climate action in Ireland” to An Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection, Ms. Joan Burton TD. The Report identifies up to 90,000 new jobs that would be created by clear climate action by Irish business and Government. These gains are underpinned by significant innovation

Back to Work – Business Supporting Work Placements

Business in the Community Ireland ‘Back to Work – Business Supporting Work Placements’ documenting the experience of providing work placements for people facing labour market disadvantage by 11 top companies. First publication to share  experiences and document practical advice on providing work placements for people facing labour market disadvantage.

Sustainability Reporting for SMEs

Sustainability is as important for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as it is for large companies (see 10 reasons why here ). There is a growing awareness about the importance of sustainability in small business SMEs. However, sustainability reporting is still dominated by larger companies. Business in the Community Ireland believes that Sustainability Reporting in smaller

Our Sustainability Report 2013

As we deliver our mission, we are committed to exhibiting best practice in our work with our members and to that end this year our sustainability report applied the GRI framework and to date, we are the only small organisation in Ireland to do so. Please click on Down to Earth to download and view

10 Reasons why SMEs should consider sustainability

There are many reasons why Sustainability is good for business, including SMEs- Many are the opportunities that an SME can benefit from, such as: 1. Potential to increase profits Eco-efficiencies are all about ‘doing more with less’. This includes reducing energy usage, waste, raw material and transport. These all correlate directly to reducing costs 2. Fulfil

The Schools’ Business Partnership Brochure

To view The Schools’ Business Partnership brochure please click here . The brochure includes information on; The Skills @ Work Programme, The Student Mentoring Programme, Management Excellence for Principals (MEP), Management Excellence for Teachers (MET) Time to Read, programme for Primary Schools.