Responsible Business for Small to Medium sized companies


Responsible Business for SMEs is our dedicated programme to support business owners of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to understand what it means to be a responsible business and why it is important in today’s competitive environment.

We find that many SMEs are already engaged in a lot of responsible business practices but perhaps take it for granted as part of normal business operations and don’t communicate what they do. Their organisation, therefore, doesn’t  reap the related benefits.

However, some of these practices can differentiate your organisation from a competitor and perhaps give you an edge when looking to win business; it can help you to retain and attract talent; it can save you money.  Hence it is worth exploring how your business can be more responsible.

We offer a number of supports specifically targeted at SMEs to help business owners. These include:

A curriculum of training programmes to equip SMEs with a better understanding of what being a responsible business is and what it means for their business. Hear for example  from large businesses about what they are looking for from their suppliers or from other small business owners as to how being a responsible business has yielded benefits.





Responsible business check-up/review to help you identify how your business is already responsible and offer advice on simple initiatives you can implement that don’t cost money but can reap benefits.





Alternatively, view our Engage Stream as many small to medium companies join at this level to avail of our Business Action on Education and Employment programmes.