Tomas Sercovich

In Conversation with Tomás Sercovich, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland

BITCI News - Feb 05, 2018

We kick off our first In Conversation of 2018 with no less than our CEO Tomás Sercovich. In this feature Tomás provides great insights into the current state of sustainability and business in Ireland, they key areas businesses should be focusing on and why.   Delighted to welcome you as our new CEO. What are

Stephen Wheeler SSE Ireland talks about the Mark

BITCI News - Jan 30, 2018

SSE Ireland are one of the latest companies to have achieved the Business Working Responsibly mark. Watch this short interview with Stephen Wheeler, Managing Director of SSE Ireland on the business benefits of achieving the Mark.   Do you know how your business performs in the areas of CSR and Sustainability? Complete this short questionnaire to get an instant

Intel Partners with UCD to Sponsor 18 masters students

BITCI News - Jan 29, 2018

The Masters sponsorship program is part of an ongoing strategic partnership between Intel and UCD. January 17th saw Intel Leixlip welcome 18 Intel sponsored Masters students from UCD. The students, pursuing full time masters in Science, Engineering and related disciplines, were on site to meet their Intel, industry mentors and receive commendation for their achievements

PwC People Giving Scheme

Members News - Jan 29, 2018

Through the PwC ‘People Giving Scheme’, PwC helped 3 Irish charities in 2017, raising a total of €59,902, and recently they presented the charities with their funds. The charities chosen by PwC people to benefit from the scheme last year were Alzheimer Society of Ireland, MS Ireland and Temple Street Foundation. The scheme is now

eir’s environmental sustainability programme

Members News - Jan 29, 2018

eir, Ireland’s principal provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications, was certified to the Business Working Responsibly Mark in 2016 . The company has a long commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices and environmental sustainability is a core focus of their CSR strategy. eir has been making significant advances in this area in recent years and through the energy and creativity

Is Green the New Black? Embracing the sustainability commodity discourse

BITCI News - Jan 29, 2018

Living sustainably has become a lifestyle choice. The eco-movement has exploded within societies, and especially within popular culture; organizations, governments, and consumers are all taking steps to ‘‘green’’ their lives. The downturn in the global economy in 2008 signalled an end to the Gordon Gekko ‘‘greed is good’’ 1980s mentality, and a recognition by many

How Accenture, Indeed and Enterprise Rent-a-Car helped Enyinna Ngwobia secure a job

BITCI News - Jan 09, 2018

Coming from Africa, I knew I had to work hard to find a job and I was ready given the fact that things are done differently in the western world. But alas, I was devastated and I was getting desperate to say the least”. When Enyinna Ngwobia left Nigeria, he had completed graduate studies including

Biodiversity means business

BITCI News - Jan 02, 2018

What is biodiversity? Biodiversity defines life as we know it. It is the nature around us, the food we eat and the raw materials that we use in business. Biodiversity also provides services on which we all rely on, from pollination to flood protection and climate regulation. Why does it matter to business?

10 tips to a more sustainable Christmas

BITCI News - Dec 19, 2017

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year; however it can have a deep negative impact on the environment. Recycling company Repak predict that we will generate over 70,000 tonnes of used packaging over the holidays 25 per cent more than we do during the year. Follow our 10 tips to see