Responsible Business for SMEs

Responsible Business for Small to Medium sized companies

Under Responsible Business for SMEs we have a dedicated website for smaller businesses with case studies, tips and guidance on how to start or progress their responsible business journey.

We find that many SMEs are already engaged in a lot of responsible business practices but don’t communicate what they do and therefore don’t reap the related benefits.

Therefore one of our service offerings under the responsible business initiative is a sustainability reporting offering where we document a SME’s responsible practices across workplace, marketplace, environment and the community. This reaps benefits for many stakeholders – helps with tendering for business, employees are more engaged, investors are more confident, and customers have increased transparency – all leading to the SME being more competitive.

Visit for free tools, case studies and a paid for reporting service.

Alternatively, view our Engage Stream as many small to medium companies join at this level to avail of our Business Action on Education and Employment programmes.